Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sterker | competition time

Short story
Goal 30 boulders 
More than 115 people 
Started 30 minutes late
First 2 boulders flash 
Third boulder topped in 3th try + partially torn AC ligament right shoulder
Topped 16 boulders
Failed on 4 boulders 
Didn't even try 10 others 
Ended up 3rd 
Weeks of rest because of injury, probably more than 2

I was pretty proud sending the third problem in which I unfortunately also hurted my shoulder. I wasn't warmed up properly but tried really hard at a shouldery move. I've heard afterwards it was a 7b but it was written down as a 6c+. I hope it was 7b haha :) 

Results Sterker 

Problem #5 
Now its ranked as a 6c+ hmmmm hahaha 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pull Ups: Still working hard to regain some fitness for climbing

Pull ups 10x10. After climbing we always do a series of pull ups to regain some fitness. 
Very boring to watch :D 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

So,did I get fit enough in 5 days?

Final problem in which I couldn't match the last hold
Picture by Sytse van Slooten

In my last blogpost I wrote about my motivation to get fit in 5 days for the first bouldering comp of the year. In the end I trained 3 days and definitely needed two restdays afterwards.
I made some quick progression, but the overall fitness wasn't back yet.

Pretty nervous I arrived at the qualifiers for Boulder 1. The qualifier round existed of 8 problems which you could try 5 times max. It was super crowded and we had to wait pretty long for every single try. In the end I didn't need much tries, because I flashed 4 problems and got 1 problem second go. One problem had a running start and I wasted my 5 tries in the beginning. Couldn't even get to the first hold :) One problem was just too hard, so I tried once and gave up. None of the girls did it, and it was a shared problem for men and women. Probably 7b+. The last problem was a nice one. My first try, I came to the finish hold but wasn't able to match it. Second and third try I failed in the beginning and the last two tries I got to the end hold but still wasn't able to match it. 

Totally unexpected I qualified as first for the final!! Crazy! So many pretty strong women were competing, so that gave me a really good feeling. 

In the final I lost my first place very quick, because I wasn't able to top any problem. Bummer! But I have to admit that the girl above me totally deserved it to win. In two of the problems I reached the last hold, but again, couldn't match it. I'm not sure if it was due to lack of endurance, fingerstrength, balance... Not sure. I even thought in a black problem that I got my second hand on it, but after watching the video footage I didn't even come close :D How strange! 

It was a good experience, nice to be back and very cool that so many people were supporting me. I haven't been climbing much last months, but I will be training a lot more coming months and I will see if I will get a better result next time.

Qualifier in which I couldn't match the last hold
Picture by Sytse van Slooten

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Motivation to get fit again!

How fit can I get in one week?

Last week I noticed that the first bouldering competition of this year will take place 23th of January in Sterk, a gym very close to where I live...

Because I haven't been climbing much for the past 3 months, I'm probably not fit enough to participate. But, I got psyched while thinking about the Dutch Championships end of this year. By then I can be fit. I only have to qualify, ehum... So, I just signed up for coming Saturday.

Time to get fit... 5 days left!!

Two years ago, last competition season.
Picture by Tim van der Linden

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bist du dęppad?! Short Maltatal (Austria) bouldering trip

As you might have guessed after my last blog post, we had to go back to Stephan in Austria. This time we enjoyed a short week in the sweet Tangern area and got three days on the beautiful boulders in Maltatal.


Something was different this time, because we brought someone with us, Lizzie the Wizzie!! Our brand new family member. This little sweet puppy was very pleased to meet Flow and oh my gosh: they had SO MUCH FUN together. And Lizzie was so much braver than we could have ever guessed. Hopping around in the boulder area and running after the super fast Flow.

Tried hard

For me it was a whole different experience this time, bouldering in Maltatal. I had been training harder in The Netherlands the weeks before we went, but unfortunately it didn't brought me any results. Whereas I finished some nice 7b's and 7a's last time, I only topped one problem this time!!! Crazy?! Cold hands and too many people in the area might have been the problem... I'm not exactly sure.

At first I got pretty frustrated about it, I wanted to top out something. That's were we came for, right? I had some nice problems I wanted to climb, none of them worked out for me this time. Even though I tried pretty hard, I guess. Well, later on I got used to it and I enjoyed the 'training aspect' of trying without finishing. In the end I managed to climb one 7a+ on really small crimps and a hard core tension start. Just watch the video to see it. The others climbed much more, including some 7c's for Stefan (Sweet!!).

Now I'm back I feel super psyched to train again, even harder and get fit. When it is getting warm outside again, I will be back to finish some nice lines.

Special thanks to my sponsor

Just before this trip, I received a really awesome Chillaz Crashpad from Bart (Klimhal Amsterdam).
This thing is just so amazing! It has so many features which makes it the best pad I ever used. It's thick, has inflatable air mattresses in-between, plenty of stuffing space, is super big and it has a great board game on the inside! You should definitely check it out if your planning on getting a new crashpad. Read more and buy it at the bergsportshop.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bouldering in Maltatal

Stefan and I just got back from some very sweet weeks in Germany and Austria.

Maltatal Bouldering

We decided to visit our friend Stephan in Tangern, Austria where he's building a holiday home (check the website Berg & Sonne). The past months he was constantly teasing us with stories about amazing boulders and I must say, he didn't exaggerate a word!! I haven't been to much boulder crags, but this is some world class bouldering for sure. We had an amazing time with Stephan and his super sweet dog Flow in Maltatal.

Frankenjura Climbing

Before and after our visit to Stephan, we stopped in the Frankenjura. I must admit, we haven't climbed much. The weather was good, but the psych wasn't that high. Lack of endurance and Stefan got a cold. Nonetheless we had a super good time visiting some different crags, towns and movies :)

Video of the various boulders we climbed

All filmed boulders

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I've quit climbing

A very funny rumor spread through the climbing gyms in The Netherlands.
I've quit climbing. Forever! At least, that's what I've heard from other people.

Haha, well... I can tell you one thing: I didn't quit.
But uhm yeah... I haven't been climbing much either.

Just a little fed up with the finger injury, sweaty gym and plastic routes.
Instead I've been doing some aggressive inline skating lately. Something I did as a kid, when I didn't know what fear was. Now... I do know what fear is :). But it's fun to be outside and practice some old and new tricks!

However, I guess Stefan and I should visit the gym more often from now on, because..... holiday is almost there and we will go CLIMBING.

Our plan is to go to the Frankenjura for a couple of weeks and then visit Stephan in Austria. Sweet!!!

Check out our last year video from the Frankenjura!